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Budget travel guide: 6 money saving tips for your next trip

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Travelling, in general, can be quite expensive. If you are not cautious when planning your trip, you can easily go way over your budget. Take the following tips into consideration if you want to save some money on your next trip.


Book in advance


Sometimes when it comes to booking your accommodation, transportation or airfare for your trip, it much more cost-effective to book ahead of time. For more affordable prices book your accommodation well in advance rather than in peak seasons. If you are travelling by plane book your tickets ahead of time for cheaper prices. Consider booking plane tickets on weekdays like Tuesdays or Wednesdays if possible, it is a whole lot cheaper than the prices on weekends.


Travel off season


Many holiday destinations have loads of off-peak specials on accommodation, some for even half the price! Even some tourist attractions have specials on the off-peak times. This means you can save a lot of money by travelling when it is not as busy, but still enjoy top-class destinations and all that it has to offer.


Research great deals


Before you go travelling, do some thorough research on your travel destination and accommodation. Lookup and compare packages to get great deals on your stay and that fit your budget. Do some research on transportation prices and specials to your travel destination, so that you can book your transport to accommodate your budget the best way possible.


Plan meals ahead


Refrain from always eating out on your trip, eating out every day can become very expensive. Pack some "padkos" for your trip along with your preferred snacks. Meals will be much more affordable when it is cooked at home with items from the nearest grocery store. If you want to save money, consider eating at home before you go somewhere.


Entertainment on budget


Take the time to research the travelling destination. Try not to be focused on all the expensive activities but consider the following as well:


Explore museums

Picknick at the botanical garden

Outdoor activities like hiking or swimming

Explore nearby markets

Indoor entertainment like boardgames


Self-catering accommodation


Self-catering accommodation is much more affordable than hotel rooms. Self-catering accommodation will equip you with a kitchen or braai area so that you can buy groceries and cook at home, it will be much cheaper than a dine out at the hotel.