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Safety tips for travelling in South Africa

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The world can be a dangerous place, but people are especially scared to travel in South Africa because of all the terrifying crime reports. It will be advantageous for you to take a few safety precautions when travelling in South Africa so that you can still enjoy exploring this beautiful country while being vigilant and safe.

Safety tips at a Hotel/other accommodation

• Always keep your room locked.

• Keep your valuables locked in a safety deposit box.

• If someone comes knocking on the door, make sure you ask who it is first.

• Never leave your luggage unattended, know where all your stuff is.

• Don’t lose your hotel room/accommodation keys, keep it safe.

Safety tips in the street

• Avoid wearing extremely visible jewellery on the streets.

• Hide phones and money, where no one can see it.

• Avoid hitchhiking, rather hire a reliable car service.

• Avoid walking the streets at night, especially dark and deserted areas.

• If you are walking the streets rather do it in a group, not alone.

Safety tips in the car

• Plan your route in advance and use reliable road maps.

• Always keep car doors locked.

• Park your car in safe areas with security.

• Don’t pick up strangers.

• Be alert when you stop at the robots in the street.

General safety tips

• Do research about the destination you are travelling to.

• Call the Police in case of any emergencies on 10111 (free on landlines).

• Don’t entertain people that look suspicious to you, trust your gut feeling.

• Keep copies of important documents like passports and identification.

• Cameras, handbags and phones are targeted valuables.