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Tips for traveling with your small kids this summer

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Are you planning a lovely summer vacation with the kids at your dream destination? No problem! Travelling with kids can become stressful, but it can also be so much fun if you have the planning covered. It is important to have a healthy balance between rest time and activities. Consider the following tips for a smoother vacation with small kids:

Plan ahead

First things first, if you are planning to travel with your kids this holiday season, plan your holiday accommodation, transportation and itinerary, but remember not to plan too many activities for one day, balance them out throughout your holiday period.

Pack smart

When it comes to packing for a holiday with your kids, pack the bare minimum. You can always buy what you need at your holiday destination. Pack comfortable clothes for daytime and their pyjamas for night-time. Pack those extra clothes in case of any accidents.

Packing tip: roll up the clothes as it will give you more space in the suitcase and put socks and underwear inside their shoes.

Consider apartment rental

Hotel rooms are not ideally built for families with kids, especially small ones. There might not be enough space for everyone. Consider renting an apartment at your holiday destination so that it can feel more like a home, with a lot more space for the kids to play.

Enjoy free activities

Enjoy what nature has to offer and don’t just do all the activities that cost lots of money. Go for walks with your family, swim in the swimming pool if your accommodation has one. Remember to pack in board games, toys and storybooks to entertain your kids at your accommodation.

Keep routine

Stick to your small kid’s normal routine even when on holiday, make sure they eat when they usually do, and go to sleep at the same time as at home. Routines can be a little more flexible with older kids.